AboutRemedi Physiotherapy Southport

Remedi Physiotherapy & Acupuncture Ltd was established in 2004 and was formerly Southport & Formby Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd. 

David Gibbons

First Contact And Advanced Physiotherapist


Chartered Physiotherapist, BSc (Hons) Lpool, BSc (Hons) Sheff, MCSP, MMACP, MAACP, MHCPC, PPA, MACPOMIT, MACPOHE, PhysioFirst, MESPNN, ARSM


“I have been training and working in physiotherapy for 25 years and have an excellent training background from 8 years in the NHS. I am a highly trained physiotherapist at Masters Level, with membership of the elite “MACP” – Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists. I am also a fully registered acupuncturist, a member of The Health and Care Professions Council and The CSP.


I am committed to lifelong learning and continuing professional development. I use an and evidence based approach to the clinical diagnosis I make for you and the treatment plans I create for you.


I am a versatile chartered neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapist, whose knowledge, experience and interest is focused on innovative practice techniques grounded in Maitland, Cyriax, McKenzie, Butler, Society of Orthopaedic Medicine and Mulligan amongst others. NHS Practice, Private Practice, Postgraduate training, ongoing CPD, lifelong learning and professional affiliations have created in me a multi-disciplined individual with extensive knowledge in sports related injuries, whiplash, occupational health and all musculoskeletal complaints.


The main emphasis and difference with my practice is that treatment consists mostly of online therapy offering specific treatment advice with exercises to help get tight or stiff body parts moving again, which are invariably the cause of the presenting pains. This is something that medication and machines alone can not do.


The cause of the pain is removed and not just the symptoms. For this purpose, my training in manual therapy is very comprehensive, consisting of membership of the MACP, training with dual qualified consultant physiotherapists/osteopaths and excellent manual therapy grounding from Sheffield Hallam University and St Helens & Knowsley NHS Trust. Having run a private treatment centre for many years, up until restrictions imposed by the Government due to Covid, I am an expert clinician who will enable you to get moving better again and live life without pain.


I deliver comprehensive physiotherapy services to insurance clients, commercial intermediaries, occupational health departments in industry, consultants, GP’s as well as ALL in the local population. My services are designed to suit any budget – and are for everyone.


I provide an improvement in quality of life for clients, which is corroborated by a growing reputation in the local area. Client needs are always at the forefront of any treatment plans I devise, and are also linked to best practice techniques and well-being.”